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Our Story

Who We Are

Suzanne Wright

Looking back on my various careers over the years, the common thread has been problem solving, organizing and best of all, helping people. I even owned a bakery, which definitely required being organized and being able to think quickly on your feet!

Along with various careers, I’ve loosely calculated over 20 moves, and with one exception, I’ve packed and unpacked all of them, so I came to my latest career as a Senior Move Manager with a lot of personal experience with the emphasis on “move”. But where I truly honed my organizational skills was as a realtor for over 15 years. For many years it fed my need to be a helper and a problem solver. Juggling all aspects of multiple transaction at the same time requires being focused, organized while still remaining calm when last minute disasters inevitably strike.

But, as is often the case, a major life event caused me to reevaluate the career I’d loved so much and once again I was looking for a way to help people. After hundreds of hours of research I decided becoming a Senior Move Manager checked all the boxes for me, so I joined NASMM, met Barbara Morris, the founder of Smooth Transitions and joined the family. I’ve also earned the CAPS designation from the National Homebuilders Association as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, which allows me to consult with those who want to explore the options of staying in their homes rather than having to make the move before they’re really ready.

Mike Wright
Mike Wright

After spending 20 years in the Army, mostly as a Chinese and Japanese translator, I turned my sights to becoming an Apple computer programmer, where I stayed for almost 40 years! After caring for my late wife for 7 years, I relocated to Asheville, NC from Dallas Texas, where Suzanne and I met while taking zydeco dance lessons, where I swept her off her feet! Eight years later, once she decided to retire from real estate, we decided to head back to the west coast. I’d live in central California for 20 years and spent the last two years of my army career at Ft Lewis, Washington. Our research brought us to Bellingham, where we recently finished remodeling our home to give us the option of aging in place!

When they’re not busy working, you’re likely to find Suzanne weaving or exploring the waterfront or foot trails and Mike playing one of his many musical instruments. Together they enjoy working in the garden or wandering with cameras in hand, always on the lookout for birds to add to their life list. And of course, playing with the two newest members of their family, Xuebao (snow leopard in Mandarin) and Shachi (orca in Japanese), the two company mascots!

Starting Smooth Transitions of Northwest Washington

Often businesses are born from life changing events, and for Suzanne, it was the passing of her mother, after a long illness. When faced with the realization that being a realtor just wasn’t giving her that sense of fulfillment that it once had, she began to explore ways she could use her skills as a real estate professional, by adjusting them to better serve the aging population that often seems to be overlooked or ignored. Her husband Mike joins in this venture, offering his experience with caring for his late first wife for 8 years after she had a major stroke.

It took a few years with a major lifestyle change for both herself and her husband, along with several hundred hours of research (really love Google), before she discovered the business concept of Smooth Transitions. Then, after being licensed and trained by Barbara Morris, founder of Smooth Transitions, Mike and Suzanne opened Smooth Transitions of Northwest Washington, uniquely designed to serve Whatcom and Skagit counties.

Having just completed a major remodel following the concepts of Universal Design on their 1978 home, Mike and Suzanne are now ready to Age in Place, using the knowledge she acquired during her training as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).